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Success Measures

Success Measures is an innovative approach for community-based organizations and their partners to document outcomes, measure impact, and inform change. Success Measures provides a practical and user-friendly participatory evaluation method that engages an organization's stakeholders in developing, implementing, and analyzing results.

Difference of opinion is difference in models. A difference in models produces a difference in framing and perceived or projected meaning on a given situation.

In field of resource management there are many different mental models in practice. To understand what frames others are using and how they are making sense of the world through those frames, it is useful to examine and understand the prevalent models in this particular field.

The work environment influences the thinking in every human aspect of approaching the other person / boss, and it affects all the systems and surroundings. Each frame offers a different view of the nature and source of the problem, evidence procedures, impact of the problem on the individual, solutions sought, and strategies employed.

We covert our knowledge upon our employers, employees, working bodies and methods as the key for achieving our timely / quality / demonstrating service to our clients until end of contracts

We also deliver utmost satisfaction upon individual relationship considering individual rights in society with government regulated laws

Making Sense of Another's Frame
Understanding where others are "coming from" requires the ability to step outside one's own mental structures to perceive the situation through another persons frames. To find the sense in the situation that someone else sees, we have to look at it through his or her frame. Once we do that, we will have some ground for redirecting his or her attention to looking at it another way or through another frame.